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Are you looking for a unique way to explore the bustling streets of Jeddah? Look no further than City Walk Jeddah! This pedestrian-friendly district is bursting with character, culture, and history. From trendy cafes to traditional markets, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood. So lace up your walking shoes and join us as we take a leisurely stroll through the heart of one of Saudi Arabia’s most dynamic cities!

The Kite Market

When in Jeddah, be sure to check out the vibrant and colorful kite market. This is a great place to buy souvenirs for your friends back home or simply to have some fun flying kites yourself! If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can make your own kites here – it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

Al-Noor Mosque and Madina Square

The Al-Noor Mosque and Madina Square are a must-see on any city walk in Jeddah. The mosque is the largest in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding square is busy with locals and tourists alike. The mosque’s red sandstone exterior contrasts beautifully with its white marble interiors, which are decorated with intricate gold filigree work. The square also features an impressive four-tiered minaret, which is a popular photo spot.

Heritage Village

As one strolls through Jeddah’s historical district, they will be able to experience a piece of Arabia’s rich heritage. Heritage Village, located in the heart of the city, is a must-see for visitors to Jeddah. The village was created in 1987 as a tribute to the Kingdom’s rich cultural and historical past.

The village is home to more than 20 restored traditional houses from various periods in Saudi history. Each house has been carefully restored and furnished with period pieces to give visitors a complete picture of life in Saudi Arabia throughout the years. In addition to housing historic homes, Heritage Village also features a souk (market), mosque, and traditional gardens.

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Jeddah Seaside

Welcome to the city walk of Jeddah! This 15-minute walk will take you from the waterfront to some of the main highlights of this vibrant city. The promenade stretches from Al Falaki Street towards King Abdullah Road, and offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Jeddah Harbour. On your walk, you’ll pass by markets, mosques, luxury hotels and a number of interesting shops. The highlight of the walk is undoubtedly Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Park – one of Jeddah’s oldest public parks with beautiful gardens and a spectacular view across the harbour.

King Abdulaziz Historical Centre

This fascinating museum is dedicated to the history of Saudi Arabia and its founder, King Abdulaziz. From the displays in the entrance hall to the artefacts on display in the various galleries, there is plenty of information for visitors of all ages to explore.

The museum covers a wide range of topics, from Abdulaziz’s early life and career as a soldier and statesman, to his many efforts towards modernization and social reform. There are also exhibits on the Kingdom’s history, culture and architecture, making it an indispensable destination for anyone interested in learning more about Saudi Arabia – Ooh Fine.

Souks al-Quds and the Medina Gate

Souks al-Quds and the Medina Gate are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Jeddah. These markets offer a wide variety of items, including spices, textiles, and jewelry. Visitors can also find food stalls that serve unique Arab cuisine. The Medina Gate is also home to several mosques and Islamic heritage sites.

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