CS:GO: The Closing of a Legend – Opening the CS2 Era

CS:GO is the next game in the Counter Strike series that has officially been discontinued. However, its remaining value still lingers in the hearts of players. After the death, Counter-Strike 2 was officially launched to follow its predecessor. In this article, gamers should join New88today Look back at the journey of CS:GO and get an overview of CS2.

A few words about CS:GO and CS2

CS:GO’s full name is Counter Strike: Global Offensive which was launched on August 21, 12. Up to now, it has been 11 years old. And this is also the end of this game.

At the time of launch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive was not rated too highly by gamers. However, this is a big step forward for the Counter Strike game series with significant upgrades in graphics and game interface.

As for Counter Strike 2, also abbreviated as CS2, the new game was released by Valve on September 27, 2023. With extremely new improvements in graphics and in-game physics, CS2 brings more realism than its predecessor. However, in terms of gamers, players are still not really familiar with this upgraded version as there are relatively many negative reviews.

Like its predecessor, the game consists of two teams: Counter-Terrorism and Terrorism. They fight each other in game modes based on different objectives. Counter-Strike 2 features major technical improvements over Global Offensive, including a switch from the Source to Source 2 game engine, improved graphics, and a new server architecture. Additionally, many maps from Global Offensive have been updated to use Source 2 features, with some maps receiving complete overhauls.

Review CS:GO and CS2 in detail

Currently, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is closed and can only be played offline with bots when running commands. Gamers will only be able to experience CS2. In general, these two games have completely similar gameplay. Gamers who have played CS:GO will easily adapt to CS2. However, for new players, you can refer to the section below.

How to play the two games CS:GO and CS2

Like previous games in the series, Counter-Strike 2 is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter. In which two teams compete to complete different objectives depending on the game mode selected. Gamers are divided into two teams: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.

Each game mode has different objectives and is divided into several rounds. At the beginning of each round, players can purchase different weapons and equipment to use. In most game modes, you get one life per round. This will result in them not being able to play until the round ends if they are down.
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Game modes of CS:GO and CS2

With Counter Strike: Global Offensive being discontinued, CS2 is the only option at the moment. In this game there will be the following modes:

  • Competitive: The most standard 5v5 Esports mode, calculating rank points. 10 players are divided into 2 factions, alternating between Scene and Robbery factions. The team that reaches the winning number of rounds first will win. If the two teams tie, it will be considered a tie.
  • Premier: Similar to Competitive with the same way of calculating rank points. However, gamers will be able to participate in a map and faction selection round before competing.
  • Casual: Basic map shooting mode. Each side has 10 players, gamers can freely change sides if the number allows. Players are equipped with armor and kits. This mode focuses mainly on skills.
  • Wingman: 2v2 mode, played in small maps, has its own rank scoring system. Will also be divided into 2 factions, alternating between the Police and Thieves factions. The team that reaches the winning number of rounds first will win. If the two teams tie, it will be considered a draw.
  • Deathmatch: Shoot freely, respawn continuously until the timer hits, the player with the most kills wins. Can be played with a team or solo 1 vs all. Guns in this mode are selected automatically·or auto-selection is disabled.
  • Hostage: The most familiar mode to Vietnamese gamers, rescuing hostages. Divided into two factions, Canh will have to rescue the hostages and Robbers will prevent that.

CS:GO and CS2 games are completely free to experience

An extremely good FPS monument that is also free, this will definitely be a game you can’t help but play. Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s previous $14.99 cost wasn’t expensive, but this price change opens up the game to a wider audience than before.

For comparison, Overwatch costs $39.99, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) costs $29.99, and Ubisoft charges $14.99 for the Starter edition of Rainbow Six Siege. And now, CS2, the next version of the Counter Strike series, will be extremely worth experiencing.

Why is the Counter Strike game series extremely popular?

Many players ask why the Counter Strike game series is extremely popular among gamers. This game series can be considered the first generation of FPS and shaped later FPS games.

At the time the Counter Strike mod was released, gamers were confused about a game with a terrorist shooting theme with gameplay that was extremely easy to understand but difficult to master. Participants will have to get used to the recoil mechanism of each type of gun, and the game pace will also be slower than other games at that time. Tactical elements plus personal skills have helped the game series become popular.

In addition, huge hits like CS 1.6 and CS:GO have made the game series increasingly expand in the FPS market. In addition, Counter Strike’s top form is also what helps the game series survive for so long.

As for CS:GO, this game marks a major turning point, no longer depending on mods from Half Life. It is completely separate as a standalone game. In addition, the player interface and Valve’s grasp of the times also helped this game make waves for 11 years until upgrading to CS2.

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