Experience Sports Betting With New88 Phone Card

Sports betting with phone cards is the choice of many gamers when coming to participate in the betting experience at New88vinet.. This form is commonly used thanks to its convenience and simple and easy operation. However, not all bettors know effective playing methods. Let’s find out the information related to the betting process using standard recharge cards below.

Overview of sports betting by phone card at New88

Before participating in playing at New88, bettors need to complete the account registration step. The information players provide to the system includes bank accounts. This is to help members conduct transactions related to deposits and withdrawals at the house more easily and smoothly.

Common forms of transactions include bank counters, internet banking, ATMs, e-wallets… However, to complete the process of transferring and receiving money through this method, the first condition is that the player has the ability to transfer and receive money through this method. There is a certain amount of money in the bank account and card.

Not every member coming to New88 has this preparation. Especially for busy players, it is difficult for them to find time to go to the bank to make transactions. To solve the problem, many gamers have chosen to play sports betting with phone cards.

Through this method, bettors can deposit money quickly without complicated procedures. You just need to go to a convenience store, buy a phone card with different denominations, load it into the dealer’s system and wait for success notification. The transaction method is convenient and simple, regardless of whether you are a veteran player or a newbie, you can complete it.

How to correctly play sports betting with New88 phone scratch cards

To play sports betting with phone cards at New88 conveniently and quickly, players need to understand the correct method. The following are specific betting steps that bettors need to pay attention to grasp and apply effectively:


Step 1: Gamers access the homepage of bookmaker New88.Next, choose to log in to your game account by providing your full name and correct password.

Step 2: Players buy phone cards at convenience stores with many different denominations. However, you need to note that New88 currently accepts scratch cards from 3 main carriers: Vinaphone, Mobiphone and Viettel with certain fees such as:

  • Viettel card: 25%
  • Mobifone card: 32%
  • Vinaphone card: 32%

Step 3: Place your bet in the deposit section, select the transfer method as by phone scratch card, fill in information such as serial number, card code in the blank box and wait for the system to notify you of success. Once the deposit step has been completed, players can easily participate in betting games in the Sports lobby to earn bonuses.

Why is sports betting with phone cards at New88 popular?

It is no coincidence that the number of players registering to use sports betting with phone cards at New88 is increasing rapidly and continuously. Below are some basic reasons why gamers choose this impressive form of play:

Simple method of use

The first plus point when players bet on sports with phone cards at New88 is that they can avoid account verification or linking with banks. You just need to perform a few operations of scratching the card, loading the correct information according to the system instructions and you’re done.

The data that gamers need to fill in completely and accurately is the serial number and card code and press send, waiting for the dealer to respond successfully. Transaction time only takes 1 – 5 minutes. Thanks to that, the process of playing red and black at New88 will be less affected or interrupted, bettors do not need to worry about running out of money.

Avoid trouble from the bank

According to many players, when transferring money through banks, they may encounter certain problems and risks such as system errors, slow transmission speed, bank maintenance… These situations often cause problems. Players take a certain amount of time to wait for processing.

Especially when transferring money on a day off, bettors have trouble depositing and withdrawing money. However, with sports betting using phone cards, players can completely avoid the above unwanted situations.

Good financial control

Phone scratch cards come in many different denominations for players to choose from depending on their financial ability. Thanks to that, you can control the amount of money you deposit and determine the appropriate time to stop playing. This helps avoid getting too carried away and losing everything when betting on sports with phone cards at New88


Above is basic information related to sports betting with phone cards at New88. With a simple and convenient interface, the number of members playing with this form is increasing rapidly every day. However, to increase winning performance, players need to learn and grasp more effective betting strategies and skills.

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