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Hanshow Smart Trolley Solution: Transforming Retail with an ESL-Powered Shopping Experience

Hanshow‘s Smart Trolley Solution revolutionizes the traditional shopping cart, transforming it into a multi-functional tool that optimizes retailer operations and enhances the customer shopping experience. With a built-in screen, in-store navigation, targeted promotions, and self-checkout capabilities, the smart trolley offers a seamless and convenient ESL solution.

Empowering Customers with Multi-Functionality

Unlike traditional shopping carts that merely transport goods, Hanshow’s smart trolley features a built-in screen and basket base scale, enabling a range of innovative features. Customers can easily navigate the store, access targeted promotions and advertisements, and obtain valuable store information directly from the trolley’s screen. Additionally, the self-checkout feature allows customers to complete their purchases without the need for traditional cash registers, streamlining the checkout process and reducing waiting times.

Loss Prevention and Membership Benefits

The built-in scale in the base of the smart trolley serves as a loss prevention measure for retailers. It detects discrepancies between scanned items and those placed in the cart, triggering a red signal light to alert both customers and store associates. This feature helps prevent theft and ensures accurate transactions.

Furthermore, the smart trolley’s screen allows for targeted and direct promotion of store membership benefits. Customers can easily sign up for memberships, access exclusive offers, and accumulate loyalty points, further enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Reshaping the Retail Customer Experience

Hanshow’s Smart Trolley Solution reshapes retail customer engagement and the overall shopping experience. By integrating ESL technology and offering a range of features such as in-store navigation, targeted promotions, and self-checkout, the smart trolley provides customers with accessibility, convenience, and valuable insights into offline consumer behavior.


Hanshow’s Smart Trolley Solution represents a significant advancement in retail technology. By leveraging ESL and IoT integration, retailers can enhance customer engagement, optimize operations, and create a seamless shopping experience. The smart trolley’s multi-functionality, including in-store navigation, targeted promotions, self-checkout, and loss prevention features, transforms the traditional shopping cart into a powerful tool for retailers to drive sales and foster customer loyalty. With Hanshow’s ESL-powered shopping experience, retailers can adapt to the evolving needs of customers in the digital age and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

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