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SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319: Perfect Companion for Outdoor Filming

For outdoor filmmakers, a dependable camera tripod is indispensable for achieving stability and precise control over shots. SmallRig, a reputable brand in camera accessories, introduces the SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319—a travel tripod meticulously designed to serve as the ultimate companion for outdoor filmmaking adventures.

Enhanced Stability with Integrated Bowl Base

The SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319 is equipped with an integrated bowl base, providing enhanced stability on uneven terrains. No matter where your outdoor adventures take you, this tripod ensures that your shots remain steady and professional. The integrated bowl base offers improved shooting control, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect frame without worrying about unstable surfaces.

Easy Storage with Telescopic Handle

Outdoor filming often requires mobility and quick setup. The SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319 features a telescopic handle that allows for easy folding and storage. This convenient design ensures that the tripod can be compactly stored and effortlessly transported, making it ideal for on-the-go filmmaking. You can spend less time on setup and more time capturing stunning footage in the great outdoors.


Embrace the great outdoors and capture awe-inspiring footage with the SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319. This versatile tripod equips you with the confidence to tackle any outdoor setting and create stunning visuals. Its integrated bowl base guarantees stability on uneven terrains, ensuring steady and professional shots every time. Moreover, the telescopic handle enhances convenience by providing effortless storage and portability, making it an ideal companion for filmmakers on the move. Elevate your outdoor filming experience to unparalleled heights by investing in the SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319.

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