What is the match score? The most accurate way to read odds

In recent times,score bet is a playground that receives a lot of attention from investors. This is a form of betting that helps bettors receive extremely large profits. So what is the specific way to play the score bet? Today, let’s join New886 Learn details about this type of bet through the article.

Learn the concept of score betting

An extremely important thing to help bettors invest effectively in odds is to clearly understand this form of betting. Next, we will explore together in detail the attractive playground of 2024.

What is a score bet?

Coming to the soccer betting market, investors will have many different playgrounds to choose from. Among them, score betting is a type that receives a lot of attention because of its extremely high reward rate.

Before the start of a football match, the bookmaker will post odds on the score on their betting table. The participant’s task is to analyze the necessary information and make a choice. If the match result matches the score you selected, you will win the bet and receive a reward.

For investors who bet on scores, they need to possess many necessary factors to be able to win bets. The first thing is to grasp the information surrounding the football game you are about to invest in. Along with that is the ability to analyze football information and data sources. The last thing is luck because obviously in football anything can happen.

What are the rules for playing score betting?

If you are new to learning about the form of odds, surely the first thing to do is to clearly understand the rules of the game. Because it will help us minimize taking on unnecessary risks. Notably, this type of bet has very simple rules and is extremely easy to grasp.

As mentioned, before each match, the bookmaker will offer bets on specific scores after 2 halves. The task for investors is to judge and choose for themselves the most suitable final result. When the match ends, the bettor whose choice matches the match score will win money.

At this time, the profit you earn will correspond to the house’s payout milestone. Notably, each result choice will have a different reward level. The more unlikely the outcome, the larger the reward.

Learn how to read score odds through specific cases

After clearly understanding the concept and rules of the score bet, we will learn together how to read this bet through an example. This is a Bundesliga match between hosts Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich. This match has an Asian handicap because the two teams are considered by the house to have equal strength.
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Player B is a passionate fan of the Bayern Munich team. He decided to use 100,000 VND to bet on his favorite team to win 3-1 in the end. Along with that, the house’s payout rate for this result is 16.0. With the above selection, we will have two cases as follows:

  • Club Bayern Munich defeated Bayer Leverkusen with a score of 3-1, similar to Mr. B’s choice. At this time, the player clears the bet and will receive the amount corresponding to the bookmaker’s redemption mark as follows: 16.0 x 100,000 = 1,600,000 VND. For investors who choose the remaining scores, they lose the money they spent on the bet.
  • In case the match has results in the remaining cases on the odds table such as 1-0, 1-1, 0-3,… At this time, Mr. B loses the bet and loses the 100,000 VND he used to invest. . On the contrary, those who choose the correct match result will receive a profit corresponding to the prize exchange rate.

Notably, the more unlikely a score bet is, the higher the payout rate. For example, the result of Bayer Leverkusen defeating Bayern Munich 6-3 in the end. At this time, the bettor who chooses the correct ratio will receive a profit corresponding to the capital amount of 100,000 VND, which is 206.00 x 100,000 = 20,600,000 VND.

Thus, through the article ofNew88 Sports, together we have delved deeper into the details of this type of score bet. Along with that is an accurate reading based on a specific example on the house odds table. It can be said that this is an interesting playground with extremely attractive payout rates. Hopefully you will have enough confidence and luck to conquer future score betting.

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